Bags of Love is a non-profit organization that provides bags for every child going into a foster system in our local community. Now, imagine how you would feel knowing everything you love is being taken away, and all you are given is a flimsy trash bag to carry all of your belongings. Bags of Love provides duffle bags that include a few items such as stuffed animals, blankets, and books: that will help make these difficult times a little easier on these sweet children.



Hallie Ferguson was Taken away from her mother at 7 years old, was given a trash bag and 5 mins to gather her life. At 29 she bought 2 duffle bags online to use as gym bags, she then remembered how she had to use a trash bag and thought what an awesome idea it would be to give these children going into the system a durable duffle bag and necessities they could use to get started until they could make it to a store, some of these kids are taken at night. On every duffle bag the verse Psalms 27:10 is put on. The second foster home she went to an elderly neighbor gave her a Bible and a post-it note with that verse typed on it, it has stuck ever since.